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B. Indices

B.1 Environment Variable Index  Index of environment variables used
B.2 Output Variable Index  Index of variables set in output files
B.3 Preprocessor Symbol Index  Index of C preprocessor symbols defined
B.4 Autoconf Macro Index  Index of Autoconf macros
B.5 M4 Macro Index  Index of M4, M4sugar, and M4sh macros
B.6 Autotest Macro Index  Index of Autotest macros
B.7 Program and Function Index  Index of those with portability problems
B.8 Concept Index  General index

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B.1 Environment Variable Index

This is an alphabetical list of the environment variables that Autoconf checks.

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Index Entry Section

CDPATH10.7 Special Shell Variables
CONFIG_COMMANDS15.1 Obsolete `config.status' Invocation
CONFIG_FILES15.1 Obsolete `config.status' Invocation
CONFIG_HEADERS15.1 Obsolete `config.status' Invocation
CONFIG_LINKS15.1 Obsolete `config.status' Invocation
CONFIG_SHELL14. Recreating a Configuration
CONFIG_SITE12.6 Setting Site Defaults
CONFIG_STATUS14. Recreating a Configuration

ENV10.7 Special Shell Variables

IFS10.7 Special Shell Variables

LANG10.7 Special Shell Variables
LANGUAGE10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_ADDRESS10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_ALL10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_COLLATE10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_CTYPE10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_IDENTIFICATION10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_MEASUREMENT10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_MESSAGES10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_MONETARY10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_NAME10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_NUMERIC10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_PAPER10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_TELEPHONE10.7 Special Shell Variables
LC_TIME10.7 Special Shell Variables
LINENO10.7 Special Shell Variables

MAIL10.7 Special Shell Variables
MAILPATH10.7 Special Shell Variables

NULLCMD10.7 Special Shell Variables

PATH_SEPARATOR10.7 Special Shell Variables
PS110.7 Special Shell Variables
PS210.7 Special Shell Variables
PS410.7 Special Shell Variables
PWD10.7 Special Shell Variables

RANDOM10.7 Special Shell Variables

SIMPLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX15.3 Using autoupdate to Modernize `configure.ac'
status10.7 Special Shell Variables

WARNINGS3.4 Using autoconf to Create configure
WARNINGS3.5 Using autoreconf to Update configure Scripts
WARNINGS4.8.2 Using autoheader to Create `config.h.in'
WARNINGS8.2.1 Invoking autom4te

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B.2 Output Variable Index

This is an alphabetical list of the variables that Autoconf can substitute into files that it creates, typically one or more `Makefile's. See section 7.2 Setting Output Variables, for more information on how this is done.

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Index Entry Section

abs_builddir4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
abs_srcdir4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
abs_top_builddir4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
abs_top_srcdir4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
ALLOCA5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
AWK5.2.1 Particular Program Checks

bindir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
build11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
build_alias11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
build_cpu11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
build_os11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
build_vendor11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
builddir4.7.1 Preset Output Variables

CC5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
CC5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
CC5.11 System Services
CFLAGS4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
CFLAGS5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
configure_input4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
CPP5.10.3 C Compiler Characteristics
CPPFLAGS4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
cross_compiling11.1 Specifying the System Type
CXX5.10.4 C++ Compiler Characteristics
CXXCPP5.10.4 C++ Compiler Characteristics
CXXFLAGS4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
CXXFLAGS5.10.4 C++ Compiler Characteristics

datadir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
DEFS4.7.1 Preset Output Variables

ECHO_C4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
ECHO_N4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
ECHO_T4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
EGREP5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
exec_prefix4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
EXEEXT5.10 Compilers and Preprocessors
EXEEXT15.4 Obsolete Macros

F775.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics
FFLAGS4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
FFLAGS5.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics
FGREP5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
FLIBS5.10.5 Fortran 77 Compiler Characteristics

GETGROUPS_LIBS5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
GETLOADAVG_LIBS5.5.2 Particular Function Checks

host11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
host_alias11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
host_cpu11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
host_os11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
host_vendor11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type

includedir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
infodir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
INSTALL5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
INSTALL_DATA5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
INSTALL_PROGRAM5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
INSTALL_SCRIPT5.2.1 Particular Program Checks

KMEM_GROUP5.5.2 Particular Function Checks

LDFLAGS4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
LEX5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
LEX_OUTPUT_ROOT5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
LEXLIB5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
libdir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
libexecdir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
LIBOBJS5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
LIBOBJS5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
LIBOBJS5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
LIBOBJS5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
LIBOBJS5.5.3 Generic Function Checks
LIBOBJS5.8.1 Particular Structure Checks
LIBS4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
LIBS5.12 UNIX Variants
LIBS15.4 Obsolete Macros
LIBS15.4 Obsolete Macros
LN_S5.2.1 Particular Program Checks
localstatedir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables

mandir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables

NEED_SETGID5.5.2 Particular Function Checks

OBJEXT5.10 Compilers and Preprocessors
OBJEXT15.4 Obsolete Macros
oldincludedir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables

PACKAGE_BUGREPORT4.1 Initializing configure
PACKAGE_NAME4.1 Initializing configure
PACKAGE_STRING4.1 Initializing configure
PACKAGE_TARNAME4.1 Initializing configure
PACKAGE_VERSION4.1 Initializing configure
POW_LIB5.5.2 Particular Function Checks
prefix4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
program_transform_name12.5 Transforming Program Names When Installing

RANLIB5.2.1 Particular Program Checks

sbindir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
SET_MAKE4.4 Outputting Files
sharedstatedir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables
srcdir4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
subdirs4.11 Configuring Other Packages in Subdirectories
sysconfdir4.7.2 Installation Directory Variables

target11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
target_alias11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
target_cpu11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
target_os11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
target_vendor11.2 Getting the Canonical System Type
top_builddir4.7.1 Preset Output Variables
top_srcdir4.7.1 Preset Output Variables


X_CFLAGS5.11 System Services
X_EXTRA_LIBS5.11 System Services
X_LIBS5.11 System Services
X_PRE_LIBS5.11 System Services

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