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Qtopia Core

The Qtopia Core platform is a C++ framework for GUI and application development for embedded devices. It runs on a variety of processors, usually with Embedded Linux. Qtopia Core provides the standard Qt API for embedded devices with a lightweight windowing system.


In addition to the class library, Qtopia Core provides means for customizing and optimizing the final result: Memory consumption can be fine-tuned by compiling out features that are not used, and a number of options are available that reduce the memory and CPU requirements by making various trade-offs. Keyboard and pointer drivers can be specified, as weel as the font output's format. It is also possible to make use of accelerated graphics hardware.

Qtopia Core versus Qt/X11 on Embedded Linux

Qtopia Core applications write directly to the framebuffer, eliminating the need for the X Window System and saving memory.

For development and debugging purposes, the Qtopia Core platform provides a virtual framebuffer.

It also provides the option of running an application using the VNC protocol.

The Linux Framebuffer

The framebuffer is enabled by default on all modern Linux distributions. For information on older versions, see http://en.tldp.org/HOWTO/Framebuffer-HOWTO.html.

See also Testing the Linux Framebuffer.

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