Pedro R. Borges: Publicaciones y Reportes

Pedro R. Borges, Sequence Implementations in Haskell. Transfer of Status Dissertation, Oxford University, 1997. (61 páginas) Formato ps.gz, Formato dvi.gz.


An abstract data type Sequence is defined with the operations empty, isEmpty, cons, snoc, popFront, popRear, lenghtSeq, toList, and toSeq. A sequence with the operations lookupSeq and updateSeq is an Indexable Sequence. A sequence with catenation is called a Catenable Sequence. Some functional implementations of these abstract data types taken from the literature are described. These implementations are classified as stacks, deques, flexible arrays, and catenable lists, if they can be used as efficient implementations for each of these traditional data types. Some of them are extended to provide the operations defined for sequences. Some comments and directions for further research are also included.

The implementations are made in the functional programming language Haskell as instances of one or more of the classes Sequence, IndSeq, and CatSeq, with the operations defined for each type. These instances are classified by the subset of these operations that each instance supports efficiently, i.e. with at most logarithmic complexity.

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Pedro R. Borges, Problemario para CI2521: Estructuras Discretas I. Reporte CI-1994-001, Dpto. de Computación y Tecnología de la Información, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Febrero 1994. Formato pdf, Formato ps.gz, Formato dvi.gz.

P.R. Borges & J.N. Ravelo, Formal Construction of a Sorting Algorithm. Reporte CI-1993-003, Dpto. de Computación y Tecnología de la Información, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Septiembre 1993. Formato ps.gz Formato dvi.gz.

Pedro R. Borges, Un Curso Efectivo de Desarrollo de Proyectos . Anais do II Congresso Iberoamericano de Educação Superior em Computação EDUC'92, pp. 132-139, Brasil, Octubre 1992. Formato ps.gz Formato dvi.gz.

Pedro Borges & Roger Soler, Ambiente de Especificación Denotacional. Actas de la XVII Conferencia Latinoamericana de Informática PANEL'91, pp. 1173-1188, Venezuela, Julio 1991.

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