Héctor Palacios

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Héctor Palacios

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hpalacio -AT- inf.uc3m.es

Phone: +34 91 624 8467

About me

This is my new webpage: Hector Palacios, Postdoc at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. I was Assistant Professor at Universidad Simón Bolívar until 2010.

In 2009, I obtained a PhD student on Informatics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona/Spain, under supervision of Hector Geffner. More details in my publications and my CV. Most of the software related to publications or the International Planning Competition is available below. If you needed something not listed or find any bug, email me.

Research Interest

  • Decision-theoretic planning: conformant, contingent, probabilistic, non-deterministic, etc
  • Knowledge compilation languages: DNNF, OBDD
  • SAT and QBF solving
  • Tractability (theoretical and empirical) of Planning, SAT and QBF
  • Constraint Programming and CSPs


Updated on nov/2009
  • Reviewer of AAAI 2010, ECAI 2010, ICAPS 2010, IJCAI 2009, AAAI 2008, ECAI 2008, IBERAMIA 2008.
  • Winner of the Conformant Track of the International Planning Competition 2006. Software available