Prof. Dr. Maria-Esther Vidal


I am a full-professor at the Computer Science Department, Universidad Simón Bolívar (2005-Current).

With the support of my students and colleagues, I lead the Semantic Web Group and have developed a variety of tools to solve a wide range of Semantic Data Management Problems. I am mainly interested in the development of techniques to address the problems of: Publishing and Consuming (Linked) Open Data, Query Rewriting, Optimization and Execution, Ranking, Link Prediction, and Benchmarking and Evaluation. I am the Dean Assistant for Research and Development in Applied Science and Engineering at the Universidad Simón Bolívar (2011-Current). I love to teach: Symbolic Logic, Databases, and Semantic Web.

I have affiliated at the Universidad Simón Bolívar since 1988, and I have advised and mentored more than 80 students (65 undergraduate, 10 Master, and 7 PhD). As a PhD student, I worked with Dr. Louiqa Raschid (University of Maryland, College Park).


Accepted Papers 2013:

-) SemLAV: Local-as-View Mediation for SPARQL queries. .Gabriela Montoya, Luis-Daniel Ibañez, Hala Skaf-Molli, Pscal Molli, Maria-Esther Vidal Accepted at the TLDKS (Large-Scale Data and Knowledge-Centered Systems) journal.

-) Efficiently Producing the K Nearest Neighbors in the Skyline on Vertcally Partitioned Tables. . Marlene Goncalves, Maria-Esther Vidal, Accepted at the International Journal of Information Retrieval Research (IJIRR) .

-) Measuring Relatedness Between Scientific Entities in Annotation Datasets. Guillermo Palma, Maria-Esther Vidal, Eric Haag, Louiqa Raschid and Andreas Thor. ACM BCB 2013.

-) FOPA: A Final Object Pruning Algorithm to Efficiently Produce Skyline Points. Ana Alvarado, Oriana Baldizan, Marlene Goncalves, Maria-Esther Vidal, DEXA 2013.

-) GUN: An Efficient Execution Strategy for Querying the Web of Data
Gabriela Montoya, Luis-Daniel Ibáñez, Hala Skaf-Molli, Pascal Molli, Maria-Esther Vidal, DEXA 2013.

-) Choosing Between Graph Databases and RDF Engines

for Consuming and Mining Linked Data. Domingo De Abreu, Alejandro Flores, Guillermo Palma, Valeria Pestana, José Piñero, Jonathan Queipo, José Sánchez, Maria-Esther Vidal. COLD 2013.

-) Exploiting Semantics from Ontologies and Shared Annotations to Find Patterns in Annotated Linked Open Data. Guillermo Palma, Maria-Esther Vidal, Louiqa Raschid, and Andreas Thor. LISC 2013.

-) FRAGOLA: Fabulous RAnking of GastrOnomy LocAtions. Ana Alvarado, Oriana Baldizan, Marlene Goncalves, and Maria-Esther Vidal. Meta4S 2013. OTM 2013.

-) Analyzing Linked Data Quality with LiQuate.  Edna Ruckhaus, Oriana Baldizan, and Maria-Esther Vidal. SWWS 2013. OTM 2013.

-) Medical Image Rendering and Description Driven by Semantic Annotations.  Alexandra La Cruz, Alexander Baranya , and Maria-Esther Vidal. LNCS Revised Papers RED 2012.

-) LiQuate -Estimating the Quality of Links in the Linking Open Data Cloud. Edna Ruckhaus and Maria-Esther Vidal. LNCS Revised Papers RED 2012.

-) SILURIAN: a Sparql vIsuaLizer for UndeRstanding querIes And federatioNs. Simón Castillo, Guillermo Palma, Maria-Esther Vidal. ISWC Poster & Demos. 2013.

-) GRAPHIUM: Visualizing Performance of Graph and RDF Engines on Linked Data. Alejandro Flores, Guillermo Palma, Maria-Esther Vidal, Domingo De Abreu, Valeria Pestana, José Piñero, Jonathan Queipo, José Sánchez. ISWC Poster & Demos. 2013.

Tutorials 2013:

-)Semantic Data Management in Graph Databases -Half-Day Tutorial. Maria-Esther Vidal, Maribel Acosta, Cosmin Basca, Edna Ruckhaus.

Montpelier, France. June 2013. ESWC 2013. 

-)Semantic Data Management Techniques for Linked Data. Full-day Tutorial. Maria-Esther Vidal and Edna Ruckhaus. CLEI 2013. October 7-11, 2013. Puerto Azul, Venezuela.

Invited Events 2013:

-)Challenges for Efficient Semantic Data Management in the Web of Data. TransWeb: Data on the Web University of Nantes, France, Feb 2013.

-)Query Processing Challenges for Linked Data. University of Maryland. College Park, USA. August 2013.

-)Challenges in Linked Data Management. Department of Computer Architecture hosted by DAMA-UPC. Barcelona, Spain. Sept 2013.

-)On the Move Academy 2013- Accompanying Professor. Graz, Austria, Sept 2013.

-)On the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Federated Semantic Data Management - ANAPSID An Adaptive Approach. CrEDIBLE thematic working days, October 2-4, 2013 Sophia Antopolis, France.

-)Twenty Five Years of the Computer Science Department of the University Simón Bolívar in conjunction with CLEI 2013. October 7-11, 2013. Puerto Azul, Venezuela.

- )Impact of Open Data and Linked Open Data in Venezuela at BootCamp Periodismo de Datos 2013. October 31, 2013. Caracas, Venezuela.

Full-Professor Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela.

mvidal at ldc dot usb dot ve

mvidal at umiacs dot umd dot ve



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Courses (Spanish)

  Symbolic Logic

  Database I

  Semantic Web I

  Semantic Web II

  Heterogeneous Databases

Links of Interest

Current Graduate Students

Guillermo Palma, MSc.

Current Undergraduate Students

Simón Castillo,

Alejandro Flores

Past Students (PhD)

Prof. Dr. Edna Ruckhaus

Prof. Dr. Marlene Goncalves

Dr. Amadis Martínez

Dr. Elsa Tovar

Dr. Eduardo Blanco

Past Students (Master)

Dr. Amadis Martínez

Dr. Elsa Tovar

Victor Fuentes, MSc.

Daniel Izquierdo, MSc.

Maribel Acosta, MSc.

Yolifé Arvelo, MSc.

Natalia Márquez, MSc.